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Unleash your engineering leadership potential with expert-led courses, powerful insights, a thriving private community, and performance assessments for unparalleled growth.


Embark on a transformative learning journey, gaining expertise and navigating new engineering leadership skills with confidence.


Navigate the challenges of the CTO role with clarity and foresight by exploring hundreds of thought-leading videos and articles.


Immerse yourself in an interactive learning experience, engage with experts, fellow CTOs, and cutting-edge content to fuel growth and foster connections.

Introducing the New Way to Learn

A transformative learning platform for tech leaders, integrating expert courses, compelling videos, and insightful assessments to unlock their full potential.

Join a private community of CTOs, VPs, Heads, Directors and other senior technology executives, and learn from some of the best in the business.

Hundreds of Hours of Video Content

With deep-dive discussions and panels, interviews with world-leading engineering leaders, lessons and mistakes  and recordings of all our Bytes events and Conference sessions, tagged and searchable by theme.

Thousands of Resources At Your Fingertips​

An ever-growing library of guides, interviews, books, management tools and theories, assessments and worksheets, as well as a searchable database of the best blog posts and videos on engineering leadership from around the web.

A Fully Fledged Social Network for Engineering Leadership Learning​

The Campus Community includes discussion groups for all experience levels and team sizes, stress and crisis support, as well as cohorts for learning and sharing learnings from the Courses. 

Tag, friend, review and submit your own questions, solutions and resources to share with the rest of the Community.

What you'll learn...

Leadership, Strategy, Business

• Being Visionary
• Taking People On The Journey
• Motivating
• Delegation
• Planning
• Roadmaps
• Optimisation
• Alignment, Budgets
• Legals
• Working With Other Departments
• Commercial Objectives
• And More
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Culture, People, Teams

• Psychological Safety
• Accountability
• Diversity
• Hiring
• Motivation
• Coaching
• Sponsorship
• Professional Development
• Organisational Design
• Inter And Intra Team Comms
• Alignment
• And More
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Technology, Operations, Delivery

• Building Software
• Quality Assurance
• Architecture
• Devops
• Systems
• Infrastructure
• Hosting
• Security
• Compliance
• Reliability
• Project Management
• Agile And Lean
• Product Management
• And More
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Stress, Wellbeing, Growth

• Types Of Stress
• Dealing With Stress
• Burnout
• Building Resilience
• Work-Life Balance
• Physical Health
• Posture
• Relationships
• Personal Development
• Time Management
• Career Planning
• And More
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